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GHIPP Special Dialogue recordings and event recordings are listed below. For the list of GHIPP Special Dialogue speakers, please see HERE.

25th Special Dialogue with U.S. Ambassador Ralm Emanuel

U.S. Ambassador Ralm Emanuel

United States Ambassador Ralm Emanuel

“U.S. and Japan: Defending the Rule of Law, Deterring Chinese Regional Aggression”

24th Special Dialogue with Mr. Tetsuo Tamura (in Japanese)


“Japan’s challenge: think about education” by Chancellor Tetsuo Tamura, Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen

23rd Special Dialogue with Dr. Kent E. Calder

“Japan’s challenges and policy response by Dr. Kent E. Calder, School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Director of Reischauer Center

22nd Special Dialogue with Prof. R. Taggart Murphy

“Japan’s Place in the Dollar-based Global Financial Order: History and Outlook” by Emeritus Prof. R. Taggart Murphy, University of Tsukuba

21st Special Dialogue with Dr. Sheila A. Smith

“Japan’s Challenge: Changing threats and policies toward China” by Dr. Sheila A. Smith, CFR

20th Special Dialogue with Dr. R. Samuels, Mr. S. Leiter, Dr. E. Heginbotham

“Ukraine Today maybe East Asia Tomorrow: Japan’s Lessons from Ukraine War” by Dr. Richard Samuels, Mr. Samuel Leiter, and Dr. Eric Heginbotham, MIT

19th Special Dialogue with Dr. Zack Cooper

“Pandemic, Ukraine, and Taiwan: challenges for Japan and the United States” by Dr. Zack Cooper, Senior fellow, AEI

18th Special Dialogue with Ambassador Sergiy Korsunsky

“Safety and Security of nuclear power plants: Challenges for Ukraine and the world” by Ambassador Sergiy Korsunsky of Ukraine to Japan

17th Special Dialogue

“Global pandemic, Russia’s war, and China’s rise: Japan’s challenges” by Mr. Bill Emmott

16th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Japan’s Challenge and Contributions to Global Health” by Hon. Keizo Takemi

15th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Japan’s Challenge and Building Sustainable and Resilient Health System” Dr. Kenji Shibuya

14th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Changing the Future through Health Innovations” by Prof. Vivek Wadhwa

13th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: US-China Geostrategic Competition on Health and Environment Issues” by Dr. Paul Linehan

12th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: The East Asian Covid-19 Paradox” by Yves Tiberghien

11th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: 〜パンデミック敗戦どう生かす〜” by Mr. Tsukasa Obayashi

10th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Pfizer’s Global Trade Policy” by Ms. Elissa Alben

9th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Kenyan Experience and Effort to contain COVID-19″” by Prof. Miriam K. Were from Kenya

8th Special Dialogue

”COVID-19 and Beyond: Harnessing Human Immunity as the Next Frontier of Science” by Mr. Ted Schenkelberg

7th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Taiwan experience and effort to contain COVID-19” by Dr. Brian Chang (Taiwan)

6th Special Dialogue

”COVID-19 and Beyond: Presidents versus Pandemicide” by Ms. Laurie Garrett

5th Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Australian experience and effort to contain COVID-19″ by Dr. Sanjaya Senanayake

4th Special Dialogue

“Global solidarity to end COVID-19 pandemic: Progress and challenges” by Dr. Osamu Kunii

3rd Special Dialogue

“COVID-19 and Beyond: Lessons achieved under pandemic Favipiravir deployment” by Mr. Koichi Yamada and Dr. Richard H. Kaszynski

2nd Special Dialogue

“What did we learn from Japanese experience?” by Dr. Jeff Kingston and Dr. Yasuharu Tokuda

1st Special Dialogue

“Global Dialogue on Health Security” by Dr. J Stephen Morrison